I had a surgeon that cared- Lonnie’s Survivor Story

I was one of the lucky ones…I had a surgeon that cared about the cosmetic results. My chest is flat and my scar barely visible. She was a breast cancer surgeon…that’s all she does. A plastic surgeon would have been involved if I had elected reconstruction.
She told me a story about her residency with a male surgeon. Near the end of her residency he offered her a job…he would do the surgeries and she could close them…because her closings were so good.
She turned to him and politely said no…then she told me that she worried about what kind of job he was doing on the inside if he didn’t care what the outside looked like.
As a surgical student she spent extra time learning how to close an incision and give her patient the best possible outcome. I am thankful that she cared….that she cared enough to perfect her technique so I could look at myself and be happy…so my husband could look at me and be glad that I survived and look good too!



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