Dr. Attai’s Flat Closure Research Poster

Dr. Deanna J. Attai ‘s (UCLA) flat closure research results just went live at the virtual poster session from #ASBRS2020! The research team – including Drs. Jennifer Baker (the PI, at UCLA) and Don Dizon (Lifespan Cancer Institute of RI), found that a whopping 30% of patients reported that their surgeon did not support their choice to go flat, and even more patients (36%) reported that flat was not offered to them as an option at all. Close to 3/4 reported being satisfied with their surgical outcome (NPOAS’ own research found a very similar satisfaction rate). Read more about the findings at Dr. Attai’s website.

Characterizing the situation women going flat face lays the foundation for the development of an improved standard of care. Our thanks to Dr. Attai, her co-authors and contributors, and to all who participated in this important research.

Stay tuned for the full data analysis, which should be published as a journal article later this Summer!

Thank you Drs. Attai, Baker, & Dizon for helping to #putflatonthemenu !

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