Advocating for Women Who Choose to Go Flat After Mastectomy

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) just published our guest post about aesthetic flat closure!

Many thanks to the good people at NCCS for helping spread the word about aesthetic flat closure! Every woman facing mastectomy deserves full and fair disclosure of all of her reconstructive options, and for her choice to be respected.

Who amongst you will argue that women who decide to go flat instead of pursuing conventional breast reconstruction don’t deserve a decent aesthetic result they can live with? Who amongst you will claim that these results (below, left) are acceptable?

No one.

This is not a question of vanity. This is about dignity.

We have a winning argument. It’s just a question of making the case to the right people at the right time, being persistent, being patient, and keeping our sights set on the goal: parity for flat closure.

Kim Bowles, for NCCS

Read the whole guest post here.


Published by Not Putting on a Shirt

Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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