Carine (France) Speaks Out About Fighting to Go Flat

Via Pascale Contrino of Complètement FEMME – l’audace d’être entière après une mastectomie (and a member of our Council of International Advocates)

Published in Rose Up Magazine, October 14, 2020

From France, Carine speaks out about her choice to explant with aesthetic flat closure (“reconstruction à plat,” or “fermeture esthétique à plat”). After her diagnosis in her 40’s, she had to fight for her CPM (contralateral prophylactic mastectomy, or removal of the other, “healthy” breast) and was not offered the option to go flat. Her initial implant reconstruction was extremely uncomfortable, and after nine months she found Marie-Claude Belzile‘s work at Tout aussi femme and felt empowered to have one last surgery: explant to flat.

Photo:  PEJ :: design | photography for Rose Up Magazine

“Relief: I have finally managed to express to my surgeon my wish that no more woman has to undergo the humiliation of having to be considered destroyed after the removal of one or both of her breasts.

Disappointment: I can measure all the work to be done so that this choice of a ‘flat reconstruction’ is integrated into consultation protocols and onco-surgical practices.”

Carine for Rose Up Magazine

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