Yahoo! Life – Article on Flat Advocacy & the NCI Term “Aesthetic Flat Closure”

Hot off the press! Beth Greenfield’s article for Yahoo Life about the great strides flat advocacy has made in recent years! Let’s keep up the good work to #putflatonthemenu and make sure women are empowered to advocate for their choice – #aestheticflatclosure!

From the article:

“People didn’t know what to ask for and we didn’t know what to offer them,” Dr. Pankaj Tiwari, plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction in Gahanna, Ohio, tells Yahoo Life. “We would offer it without the vocabulary. But I think ‘aesthetic flat closure’ is a nice encapsulation of what patients should be seeking if they want flat closure.” Tiwari, who reached out to Bowles early on in her protesting after reading a story about her, says he was eager “to solicit opinions from people who spent a lot of time thinking about it,” and by doing so, has learned quite a bit about how to approach the procedure.


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