Going Flat Story Featured in Florida Local Newspaper

Aesthetic flat closure in the news! AmySue Benker of Naples, FL tells her story, including how she decided to go flat. Read HERE. AmySue said of her decision:

“’I don’t want anything foreign in my body,’ she said… Benker’s other reasons for going flat included less chance of recurrence; increased job responsibilities as the executive director at North Naples Church; the chance to feel normal; and a realization that ;I didn’t need them.'”

In the article, AmySue’s breast surgeon, oncoplastic specialist Dr. Sharla Gayle Patterson MD (who is also on our Directory), is quoted as saying:

“‘I’ve seen a shift in the last 18 to 24 months,’ she said. ‘We’ve been so focused on reconstruction. Save the tatas. Some women want a flat, friendly aesthetic closure. That’s why it’s so important to listen.'”

Dr. Sharla Gayle Patterson MD
Photo: Alex Driehaus

Way to get the word out, AmySue! Thanks to the NewsPress, reporter Craig Handel, and photographer Alex Driehaus for this article!




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