Mind Bloom Podcast: NPOAS’ Devorah Vester on Going Flat (Aesthetic Flat Closure)

Listen to NPOAS’ Devorah Vester speak about her experience, informed consent and sourdough baking!

Your Killer Life Podcast: Aesthetic Flat Closure

“Optimal reconstructive surgical outcomes are for everyone, and we are the ones to decide and define what reconstruction looks like for us.”- Tammey Grable-Woodford Kim spoke with host Tammey of Your Killer Life about informed consent, her personal story of flat denial, aesthetic flat closure as a valid reconstructive option, how women can advocate forContinue reading “Your Killer Life Podcast: Aesthetic Flat Closure”

Pioneers in Flat Advocacy: Stephanie Astalos-Jones (FLAT Is Where It’s At)

A blog series designed to highlight and amplify the voices of the flat advocates who blazed the trail and laid the foundation for those that followed.