New Resource! Aesthetic Flat Closure Photo Gallery

New! Flat Closure Photo Gallery. Aesthetic flat closure photos, mastectomy tattoos and more.

Mastectomy Tattoos with Artist Amy Black

Introduction to Mastectomy Tattoos Visit our Living Flat page for more about mastectomy tattoos, body image, sexuality, and more! Healing Through Art. Tattoos can be an important component of healing for many women following their mastectomy surgery – both those who chose to reconstruct their breasts AND those who chose to go flat. Tattooing canContinue reading “Mastectomy Tattoos with Artist Amy Black”

Vlog with Stacie-Rae: Flat Closure Informed Consent and Advocacy

NPOAS President Kim Bowles spoke with Stacie-Rae, professional restorative tattoo artist, innovator, and quality advocate. They discuss aesthetic flat closure, informed consent in medicine, managing expectations, and advocacy strategy. Flat Closure Zoom with Kim & Stacie-Rae: Informed Consent and Advocacy Informed Consent An agreement between patient and provider after full disclosure of all medical optionsContinue reading “Vlog with Stacie-Rae: Flat Closure Informed Consent and Advocacy”