Walk Day is a Week Away


All of the information you will need is on this page. It includes where to park, important times, and walk route. Please print it or bookmark it and refer to it with any questions on Walk Day.

Start at Fairfax Park, near Quincy Avenue and 83rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio

12:30 Sign-in   –   1:00 Walk begins   –   Lunch to follow (about 2:00)   –    Finish by 4:00

If you haven’t yet registered for the walk, but would still like to come…

40224826_2167309283550057_1753895340370558976_nNo problem!

Come to the sign-in table on walk day and you can register then. We still have t-shirts available in most sizes.

Registration options are:

$10- Walk only; no t-shirt or lunch

$20- Walkers who are getting a t-shirt; no lunch

$20- Walkers who are getting lunch; no t-shirt

$30- Walkers who are getting a t-shirt and lunch

Sponsorships are still available! Please do not let registration fees deter you!

Direct all questions to NotPuttingonaShirt@gmail.com.

If you want to show your support, but can’t make it to the walk, join us virtually.

40645523_10157680981318294_3630199250131877888_oShare your photo on Facebook (@NotPuttingonaShirt), Instagram (notputtingonashirt), or Twitter (@not_shirt). Your options are to show your flat mastectomy result, wear your Not Putting on a Shirt t-shirt, or use your own sign or t-shirt.

We are welcoming photos starting now, but ask as many people as possible to participate during the walk next Saturday, September 8. That’s 1:00 Eastern time (12:00 Central, 11:00 Mountain, and 10:00 Pacific).

Your participation sends a message.

  1. Women are capable of deciding whether to go through the breast reconstruction process or not. A flat cosmetic result is good outcome following mastectomy, for women who choose it.
  2. When a woman chooses a flat result, her surgeons should provide the best cosmetic result possible.
  3. A satisfactory flat result is possible. If a surgeon is not committed to creating a smooth, flat result, she or he should refer the patient to a surgeon who will do the job well.
  4. It is egregious for a surgeon to leave pockets for implants, when a women has asked for a flat result or stated that she does not want reconstruction.
  5. We are committed to changing the system that allows surgeons to disregard patients’ wishes.
  6. Flat chests and chests without nipples are not obscene. (We’re looking at you, Facebook.) Women deserve to share their stories through imagery. Women deserve to learn what to expect through imagery. Women deserve to be proud of their changed bodies and to show it out loud.
  7.  Share in the comments here or on Facebook. I’m certain I am forgetting some points.

Some cosmetic results for women who had requested a flat result or said they would not have breast reconstruction:


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Founder of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization that advocates for optimal surgical outcomes for patients going flat.

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