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Following are links to all NPoaS resources and media coverage that give the background of what we’re about, how to connect with us on social media, share your story, and support the work of Not Putting on a Shirt.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for satisfactory cosmetic outcomes–as agreed upon by mastectomy patient and surgeon(s)–for those who choose to “go flat.” We inform and support patients, demand increased accountability for medical professionals and institutions, and collaborate with patients–and the surgeons who care for them–in our efforts to establish resources and protocols that will make a difference.

The Problem

Patients’ Wishes Versus Surgeons’ Choices When a Mastectomy Patients Opts Not to Have Reconstruction (or When Reconstruction Fails to be an Option)

Media Coverage

  • Cosmopolitan magazine article
  • Cleveland Channel 19 news coverage
  • Yahoo!
  • The Daily Mail has picked up the story. Says Kim: “There’s one inaccuracy on my cursory reading of it, which is that I met with the CXO (Chief Experience Officer, Adrienne Boissy), not the CEO. That meeting produced absolutely nothing but platitudes and an empty tank of gas (it’s a 5-6hr round trip for me).”
  • Women in the World is a digital platform in collaboration with the New York Times, that features news and commentary.

More of Kim’s Story

  • Condensed version of Kim’s story
  • Kim’s letter to Cleveland Clinic’s CEO 5/27/2017
  • Kim’s demands and Cleveland Clinic’s response on 7/30/2018
  • Kim’s August 2018 Letter to Highmark Insurance requesting that they rescind Dr. Bernard’s reimbursement, on the grounds that she did not consent to the procedure, and additionally, his actions necessitated an additional surgery for which they will foot the bill.

Other Mastectomy Patients’ Stories

Share Your Story

If you have “gone flat,” we’d like to hear your story. Complete the survey, send us a picture, or tell us your story.

  • Your participation in the “Going Flat” After Mastectomy Survey will help us understand what is happening to patients like you, what works well, and what needs to change. Go here to get your code to participate in our survey and data collection. Participants may provide as much or as little information as they wish.
  • Share your story in photos or in your own words (or both). Email us ( and we will publish your story on our website (which is still in the works) and social media. Submissions can be anonymous or we’ll use as much of your name as you’d like.

NPoaS in Social Media

Support the Work of NPoaS

  • Buy a Not Putting on a Shirt t-shirt
  • Share Not Putting on a Shirt’s Printable Intro Brochure (Let us know if we can send you some!)
  • Sign Kim’s petition to Cleveland Clinic

Donations     Not Putting on a Shirt was founded in June of 2018. Our future efforts include gaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status; however, currently, donations are not tax-deductible. Donations in support of our work may be made in the following ways:

  • PayPal to
  • Send check or money order payable to Kimberly Bowles to Not Putting on a Shirt, PO Box 111215, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
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